Ann Steventon | Assistant Principal | Moat Community College

Aqoon has always acted with the utmost professionalism. They have arranged meetings in advance to check that what they can provide can be effectively used by us. We have had several mentors working with our students and all of them have blended in well with Moat’s expectations. They get on well with our students and the behaviour of these mentees is noticeably better in the lessons where they get support. In time we would hope to show that their improved behaviour will enable higher attainment. We particularly appreciate the fact that our mentors can easily communicate with our parents.

Nelista Cuffy | Teacher

On Coleman Complementary School: The Saturday morning sessions consisted of an hour of numeracy followed by an hour of literacy.  On average twelve students attended. They were always very enthusiastic about their learning and liked the motivational ‘star’ stamp.  All the students demonstrated progress in writing a persuasive text.  Most had great success with manipulating fractions and overcoming previous fraction blockages.  I have enjoyed seeing the ‘aha’ glint in their eyes as they realised their achievement. I am sure that if they maintained their effort each will excel in their SATS and beyond.  Thanks to Coleman for their resources, support and the great partnership work with AQOON.  Thanks also to the parents for prioritising their child’s learning.

Nigel Bruen | Headteacher | Coleman Primary School

For the last two years Coleman Primary School has been operating a joint Aqoon – Coleman Complementary School. This is held at the school on Saturday mornings and provides an opportunity for targeted children to receive additional support with their English and Maths work. Tuition is organised by Aqoon, but the tutor liaises with the school to provide tuition which meets the needs of those pupils targeted by the school. The complementary school is a really effective example of community cohesion in working with a local community group to provide additional support for the school’s own community of pupils.